We could not do what we do without our supporters and collaborators:

Friends of MBVW (Those Who have Contributed Multiple times or over $250 in one year):    

Lisa Barroso, Louise Brooks, Fay Burger, Felicitie Daftuar, Diane and Bill Effros, Annie and Greg Heinemann, Kelly Holzknecht, Craig M. Walker and Patricia A. Magruder, Marsha Mifflin, Karen Royce, Moving Arts Collaborative

Recent Donors:

Wanessa Anderson, Rebecca and Robert Ayers, Mary L. Bogardus, Catherine Brooks, Michele Elliman, Meryl Green, Theresa Hall, , Robin Holzknecht, Vivian Jonokuchi, Hannah Kates, Gisele Nelson, Jeff Schwartz, Florence Surerig, Zullo/RawMovement

We have benefited from the generosity and talents of so many:

  • Raffle donors for Wintery MiX, 2018: Beam & Barre, cfcf Greenwich, Smart Kids Toys, The Spread

  • Christ Church Greenwich

  • Greenwich Academy

  • The Paper Mill - Creative Printers

  • Doug Demarco, Brown Paper Bag, Inc.

  • Chris Geidman, Crew Restaurant

  • Claudia Chimale - Photography

  • P.U.D.G.E. - Sound mixologist

  • Lucy Van Atta - House manager for "One night only..."

  • Jessi Patz - Stage manager for "One night only..."

  • Mark Murray - Light design and technical direction for "One night only..."

  • Courtney Brodie - Communications Advisor

  • MiXt Co. Guest artists: Chealsea Ainsworth/HUMA, Maria Bauman-Morales, Tara Lee Burns, Peter Kyle, Gwen Welliver, John J Zullo, Pamela Pietro, Dante Brown|Warehouse Dance w/ Michael Abbatiello, Becky Radway, Nathan Trice, Nancy Schwartz, Sarah Collins-Napier, Judith Garfinkel, Kuan Hui Chew, Katie Jackson Cook, Theres Kull, Tiffany Sudol, Megan Bascom, Lane Gifford, Christopher Rudd, Patricia Kenny, Diana Deaver, Manuel Vignoulle, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Kendra Ross, Indah Walsh, Ryan Yamauchi

  • MiXt Co. Perfromance Project participants: Rebecca Ayers, Lourdes Blansfield, Courtney Brodie, Jennifer Cha, Sarah Collins-Napier, Katie Jackson Cook, Carly Dorman, Kimberly James, Diana Deaver, Diane Effros, Theresa Hall, Nina Hanlon, Annie Heinemann, Theres Kull, Beth Liebowitz, Rebecca Moore, Wen Lin Murray, Megan Ormond, Lindsay Potter, Seth Potter, Alexis Racanello, Abby Redmond, Caroline Roberts, Nancy Schwartz, Debbie Vingo and Allison Waggener…and many more (to be updated soon)!!!

Improv Collaborators in MBVW - One Night Only...2014

Vivian Bergenthal, Beth Carney, Barbara DuBois, Diane Effros, Meryl Green, 

Sydnie L. Mosley Dances and company members, Claudia Stoltman, Dale Walkonen

Our loyal fans!

Thank you for coming to our shows, sending us encouraging words and actively engaging in dance with us. We hope to see you at an upcoming class, workshop or performance!

Thank you all, so very much!