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Please check ALL available dates. I will compile availability, and I hope to confirm one date with each guest artist. *
Fee offered for 90 min. AM technique class, planning and running rehearsal sessions to create work for a site specific sharing at 7:00 PM (see schedule in email). Pay will be scaled based on number of participants. Additional offerings garner additional fee (see options below). 5-6 participants - Artist Fee: $340 7-8 participants - Artist Fee: $390 9-10 participants - Artist Fee: $440 Perks: Guest Artists can enjoy a light breakfast and lunch as well as food and beverage during evening reception. Travel will be covered and coordinated by Marcia as well. Any desire to show or perform established work or work in progress in addition to the work created during the retreat day, is also welcome, but not required (additional travel for additional dancers may be possible, but no additional fee is available at this time). Artist is welcome and encouraged to use material generated in workshop for other projects. Cancellation: One week prior to each date, I will confirm registration, and I'll offer a $100 cancellation fee if we do not have 5 participants. Really, we only need 3 additional participants for each date, as the owner of the space, Holly, and I will be participating in each session,. but hopefully this minimum guarantee helps for planning purposes.
Additional Offerings *
Please check box(es) if you are interested in offering either or both of these (extra fee paid). If so, in message box below, please feel free to list a general brainstorm of some options for 1:00-2:00 PM group session e.g. Pilates Mat, Improv etc...and/or for Body work/Therapy, one-on-one or semi private in the 3:30-5:00 block e.g. assisted stretching, massage, private Pilates or Gyrotonic (equipment available at The Barn) etc.
If applicable, please list ideas for the 1-hour class at 1:00, and any one-on-one or semi private session you would like to offer. Please also include any other comments or note to me here or via email. Thank you!