MiXt Co.

MiXt Co. Spring 2015 w/ Nathan Trice

MiXt Co. Spring 2015 w/ Nathan Trice

MiXt Co. is our signature class series and performance project, offered in the fall, winter and spring. Through a weekly class and rehearsal process ending in an informal performance for full project participants, dancers in groupings by Rigorous level, MiXt level and/or Gentle level, each work with choreographers once per week during the residency. Dancers typically participate in either Rigorous or Gentle groupings AND all are welcome in the MiXt level group (dancers can choose to come once or twice per week, and some may even feel comfortable in all 3 offerings). Choreographers create a short work for those able to commit to the season for each group (5-6 sessions). They may also present their own professional companies in the culminating informal performance. Drop-in classes are available from 7:00-8:15, anytime throughout the season, for those who can't commit to the full performance project. The program strives to be a catalyst between NYC and CT choreographers, dancers, dance enthusiasts and audiences. Choreographers gain access to new communities of movers. Participants have access to quality contemporary, modern and/or classical practice and process, while our local audience will enjoy the variety created and presented.

MiXt Co. Classes or the full MiXt Co. Class + Performance Project are offered for those with prior dance or movement experience. Performance Project participants must be 16 or older, though younger dancers are welcome to drop in for classes.



The Body Sessions are monthly master-class offerings. These Saturday workshops, each taught by different practitioners, will dive into deep explorations of functionality, body-mind connection or distinct physical practices, and will continue to feed and educate our community of dancers and movers and compliment our class offerings. 

  •  The Rigorous performance project is designed for professional level dancers.
  • The Gentle level is accessible to those with any prior dance experience.
  • MiXt level and open level classes offer a great opportunity for a range of professional and experienced dancers to work together.
  • Body Sessions workshops are open to those with any movement background (dance experience is not necessarily required) unless otherwise noted in class description.

Affiliate rate for drop-in classes, project fees and workshops, which is available to professional performers, artists, educators, students, seniors, NYC commuters and other affiliated members, helps make participation in MiXt Co. affordable for everyone.

All classes are held at Greenwich Academy in the Wallace Performing Arts Center.


Be ambitious and come dance with us, or, find out how you can help us keep MiXt. Co.

MiXt Co. Winter 2015 w/ Dante Brown and Pamela Pietro

MiXt Co. Winter 2015 w/ Dante Brown and Pamela Pietro

Class, Project and Workshop Fees: 

Affiliate rate (25% off regular rate) available for professional performers, artists, educators, NYC commuters, students, seniors or other affiliated members. There will be a prompt to activate affiliate rate at registration. A one-time $25 fee will be required to activate affiliate rate (If you plan to come to at least 5 classes, you will recuperate this fee through discounted savings.) Fee waived for GA employees, MAC members or those who bring a new friend to MiXt Co. classes.



Mark your calendars for our Spring Open Class Series (Wednesdays at 7:00 and Saturdays at 12:00 in May and June). Faculty will include Maria Bauman, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Pamela Pietro, Becky Radway, Stuart Singer, Nathan Trice and Manuel Vignoulle.

Our next performance project will be Fall 2017!

Photo of Nathan Trice by Judith Stuart, of Pamela Pietro by Kirk Donaldson, of Manuel Vignoulle by Shawn Koppenhoefer

Thursday Yoga w Diana Deaver will contunue in April & May!! 

By popular demand, Yoga and Conditioning classes for ALL movers (dancers and non-dancers) will continue every Thursday in April AND May - 7:00-8:30 PM.

April 27 - Conditioning and Release Techniques

May 4 - Yoga w/ Diana

May 11 - Conditioning w/ Marcia Brooks (while Diana is away)

May 18, 25 - Yoga w/ Diana

Drop in for any session or join us regularly!!


Join us for our upcoming Body Sessions workshops: 

Pilates Mat w/ Corey Anne Radtke

Sat. May 20 -12:00-2:00 PM




photo of Pamela Pietro                   by Kirk Donaldson

photo of Pamela Pietro                   by Kirk Donaldson

Anatomical Awareness and Somatic Choreographies w/ Pamela Pietro

Sat. June 17 - 12:00-2:00






October 2017 - 12:00-2:00 PM


Questions?  Contact Marcia: marciabrooksct@gmail.com

This program has been made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field

and by MBVW's generous contributors