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Up next at The Loft: Open Class w/ Hannah Garner: Dec. 3 - 7:00-8:30 PM

Ellie GoUdie-Averil: Dec. 10

Maria Bauman-Morales: Dec 17

Indah Walsh, Ryan Yamauchi, Chelsea Ainsworth and more will be mixing it up with us in 2019!!

Drop-in class: 7:00-8:30 PM, Each Monday, At The Loft at Christ Church. (No class Dec 24 or 31).

Thank you to those of you who came to our Performance Project Fall 2018, particularly our dancers and Guest artists Indah walsh and Diana Deaver - It was a tremendous night and season!!

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  MiXt Co. Spring 2015 w/ Nathan Trice

MiXt Co. Spring 2015 w/ Nathan Trice

MiXt Co. is our signature class series and performance project. Drop in classes are offered year round (currently most Mondays at 7:00 PM fall winter and spring - We offer day-long retreats during the summer). During our performance project seasons (fall and spring), a weekly class and rehearsal process ending in an informal performance for full project participants is an option many dancers in our community eagerly take advantage of. Dancers in groupings by Rigorous level, MiXt level and/or Gentle level, each work with choreographers once per week during the season. Dancers typically participate in either Rigorous or MiXt Level groupings AND all are welcome in the gentle level group despite previous experience

Choreographers create a short work for those able to commit to the season for each group (6-8 sessions). Drop-in classes begin at 7:00 PM, anytime throughout the season, for those who can't commit to the full performance project (rehearsals continue after class until 9:15 PM). The program strives to be a catalyst between NYC and CT choreographers, dancers, dance enthusiasts and audiences. Choreographers gain access to new communities of movers. Participants have access to quality contemporary, modern and/or classical practice and process, while our local audience will enjoy the variety created and presented.

MiXt Co. Classes Dance classes at The Loft & MiXt Co. Class + Performance Project are offered for those with prior dance or movement experience (those with more limited experience are welcome to try the Gentle Group offering after Yoga on Thursday nights). Performance Project participants must be 16 or older, though mature younger dancers are welcome to drop in for classes.

MiXt Co. in NYC kicked off in spring 2018 - and we'll update here with upcoming plans as space, dates and teachers are confirmed.



  MiXt Co. Winter 2015 w/ Dante Brown and Pamela Pietro

MiXt Co. Winter 2015 w/ Dante Brown and Pamela Pietro

The Body Sessions (currently on temporary hiatus) are master-class offerings, each taught by different practitioners who allow us to dive into deep explorations of functionality, body-mind connection or distinct physical practices, which continue to feed and educate our community of dancers and movers and compliment our class offerings. 

Subsidized rate for drop-in classes, project fees and workshops, which is available to professional performers, artists, educators, students, seniors, NYC commuters and other affiliated members, helps make participation in MiXt Co. affordable for everyone. YMCA members can come to Thursday Yoga for just $5 supplement to membership per class (or $10 for Yoga and dance sessions during Performance Project season).

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  • Mondays at The Loft at Christ Church in Greenwich, CT

  • Thursday Yoga is held at the Greenwich YMCA - 2nd floor, Studio AS2.

  • MiXt Co. NYC classes were at 939 Eighth Ave. (between 55th and 56th - Ripley Grier - Buzzer 202 - 2nd floor, studio 2B or 2A) - stay tuned for updates!!

  The Loft at Christ Church

The Loft at Christ Church

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MiXt Co. Fall 2018 Performance Project

  • MiXt Co. CT Rigorous/MiXt group w/ Indah Walsh - At The Loft at Christ Church -Preview class, Sept 17, Performance Project Beginning Sept. 24 - season ending performance Nov. 12.

  • MiXt Co. CT Gentle/MiXt group w/ Diana Deaver - At The Greenwich YMCA following Weekly Yoga class (beginning Thurs. Sept. 27) - season ending performance Nov. 12.

  • MiXt Co. NYC - Class w/ Ryan Yamauchi, Oct. 10, 7:00 PM at Ripley Grier Studios, 939 Eighth Ave. (between 55th and 56th - Ripley Grier - Buzzer 202 - 2nd floor, studio 2B or 2A) - Stay Tuned for updates for more offerings including potential spring performance project.

Ongoing regular classes are 7:00-8:30 PM in Fall, Winter and Spring. During 6-week fall and spring performance project season, drop-in class is 7:00-8:15 PM or opportunity to stay for rehearsal process until 9:15 PM is offered, in preparation for one or two informal performance dates at end of season.

Questions?  Contact Marcia: marciabrooksct@gmail.com

This program has been made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field

and by MBVW's generous contributors


Be ambitious and come dance with us, or, find out how you can help us keep MiXt. Co.